Wanderlust Wonders: Surviving a Road Trip Alone

Blaze Kevon September 4, 2016 Comments Off on Wanderlust Wonders: Surviving a Road Trip Alone
Wanderlust Wonders: Surviving a Road Trip Alone

Going on a road trip isn’t in the cards for everyone, and sometimes we have to bite the bullet and take trips alone. If you’re anything like the average wanderlust maven, you like traveling alone; however, you often go crazy because you are alone. Having companionship during a road trip is nice, but work, school, kids, and life get in the way.

The Key Is to Not Go Crazy

You’re ready to jump in your cheap car rental in New Zealand and hit the road. The problem with this is surviving a road trip alone boils down to not going crazy. How does one not go crazy when he or she has no one to talk to and only so many songs on a playlist to sing to? There are many tips you can stick to when driving past countless trees and dry roads to keep your sanity intact. Some of these tips include:

Setting a time limit for driving – Map out your plans before jumping in the rental car and make sure your body is ready for the days to come. Set a driving limit of 10-12 hours tops in order for you to refresh and recharge. Doing so not only keeps you mentally sane but physically safe and eliminates the potential risk of falling asleep at the wheel.


Create playlists beforehand – While they aren’t the end-all to going crazy, music can keep you occupied for quite some time. Choose random Spotify playlists or curate and create your own to keep you excited during the trip. If ambient and slower music causes you to be more calm and sleepy, avoid it at all costs. Placing higher-tempo music on your playlist should be a priority.

Don’t stop at rest areas, just truck stops – In stopping only at truck stops, you can get food, gas, supplies, meds, beverages, and more, while rest areas are a quieter place with few supplies available. Rest areas thrive on isolation, which is why people stop there to sleep at night or during random parts of the day. Doing so will remove the potential of feeling more alone in such isolation.

Miscellaneous Tips for Sanity

Of course, there’s more to staying sane than keeping awake and being around others as much as possible, and it comes from what you pack. Buying an extra charger will ensure that your phone doesn’t die if you lose your other charger, keeping you safe. Doing so also allows you to make sure you have a constant jam session ready for your car speakers. Buying a phone charger specifically for your vehicle will allow it to be compatible no matter what.

As for other things to pack, make sure to take a varying number of flashlights and batteries, bring extra food on top of your road trip food, and, of course, pack comfortable shoes and clothes. There’s nothing worse than driving in an uncomfortable position for hours on end. Getting a neck pillow or a pillow to place under your buttocks will allow you to drive for long periods comfortably, but not so comfortably that you fall asleep.

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